Playdough & DJ Sean P
"Bible Bus Mixtape"  

It's been a minute since I put out a new mixtape. I'm glad to bless you guys with this one.  Playdough wrecked over some classic joint on here.  Some of my favorites include "My Turn" ( a headbanger of a song - rapped over the sure shot Just Blaze produced track "Public Service Announcement") and "Gentle Giant" (which is on some spaced out, old testament story telling on Lootpack's classic "Answers").  It also features original production by Rob Viktum (Pick Up the Slack & 2 Tired 2 Sleep) and Playdough (Truth).  Feel free to stream it below:

Free Download at

"Bible Bus Mixtape"  
Promo Video  

If you haven't had the pleasure of catching Playdough at a show in the last year or so, then you're probably not aware that he's actually been recording a lot of solo material.  Look out for the Bible Bus Mixtape (mixed by DJ Sean P) on June 29th at

The song featured in the video is a joint from the upcoming project called "Pick Up The Slack" produced by Rob Viktum.

"Custom Fitted"  
"Attention Emcees"  

Super dope rapper out of the left coast Ruslan (who's the lead MC of The Breax) recently released a solo EP called Right Out Loud.  It's a fresh record.  Check it out on iTunes.  I'm lucky to have a beat and cuts featured on it.  Peep it - the song's called Custom Fitted

I recently worked with another incredible emcee, Griffin, of the legendary LA crew, Tunnel Rats.  The good homie Cas Metah (of Scribbling Idiots crew) hooked me up with this one.  I mastered his solo album, Samson.  I'm also featured on a song called Attention Emcees featuring the one and only, Sojourn (of Future Shock).  Produced by Vintage.  Peep out my scratch sentence at the end.

I've got some more exciting studio projects that I'll let you guys in on soon.  I'm stayin' busy in and out of the studio so far this summer.  School's getting out and kids are graduating, so you I'm catching a tan playing some great parties and banquets.

This weekend I'm headed out on the road to DJ for the Phatmass homies in Corpus Christi.  We're gonna hit the beach.  Go buy some sunglasses and catch the UV rays.