@ Trees Dallas Free Kids Workshop  

I will be participating at the ArtLoveMagic Kids Workshop this weekend in at Trees in Dallas.  I'll be there with a complete DJ/Turntable setup along side Isaac Davies for a Hip-Hop workshop.  Children attending (ages 6-16) will not only see performances throughout the day, but will all have the chance to experience what it's like to express themselves artistically through the Hip-Hop medium.  That could include: writing and performing there own rhymes, mixing and scratching records, manipulating letters and caricature in the graffiti style, and learning new styles of dance through breakdancing.

Learn More at the Facebook Event Page:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=278188142213444  

Playdough & Heath McNease   
Wed White and Wu Free Album Download  

Do yourself a favor and download this album.  Playdough and partner in mathematics, Heath McNease, team up to drop some wu science over wu bangers for the whole wu world to succumb to.  They've enlisted some the usual upper echelon members to drop jewels with: Manchild, Sintax.the.Terrific, Bodega Brovas, Freddie Bruno, RedCloud, Propaganda, and myself.  And, then they added some surprise generals from deep within the 36th Chamber: MG! the Visionary, Goldin Child, Ohmega Watts, and probably most notably Guilty Simpson.  On top of which, the gods blessed them with art work by the elder, Samax Amen. No more needs to be said [period]

Peep the scratch hook I hammered out on "The Ego Has Landed" also featuring Propaganda: