Takin' It Back:  
2003-2007 Mixtapes  

I'm going posting a new mixtape for you guys soon titled Finna Wreck. It will feature some new music from Playdough, funk favorites, plus some current sure shots.

While we're waiting on that I decided to post some old promo Hip-Hop mixes from the past:

HipHop Is Music is a super fresh independent label from the north-west run by Braille of Lightheaded. Braille reached out for me to do a promo mix for the label back in 2007. This mix features Lightheaded, Othello, Ohmega Watts, Surreal, Sivion and more.

Here's one from 2006. It's a promo mix for the greatest emcee in the world, Playdough, who was just dropping Don't Drink the Water. This one's super fun.

sphere support banner

OG website sphereofhiphop.com hollered at me in 2005 to do a mix to promote the vinyl section of their online store. They sent me a box of wax and this was the outcome. This one features Mars iLL, Ahmah, Ohmega Watts, LA Symphony, Pigeon John, LMNO, Surreal, Lightheaded, and many more.

Sleepless Nights Med

Taking it way back with this one. Deep in the crates. This is a bedroom mix from 2003. Some favorite underground joints on here.

Two Thousand Ten  

It's been a great holiday season! 2009 was a great year for me and it ended with a fresh party in Deep Ellum. I'm getting into new DJ ventures in 2010, which I'm very exited about. And, I'll be posting promotional mixes on this page for download. So, keep checking back.

Holler at you guys soon.