Public House Denton  
with Fab Deuce  

Free Show!

I'll be keeping the party live all night & also performing with Fab Deuce.

25 Cent Wells from 9PM to 11PM

Public House

Paradox & DJ SeanP   
'Here Lies' featuring  
Relic & Griffin  

Got a new joint for y'all.  It's from an album Paradox (DropSci Giants) and I are working on (more details about the album soon enough). This one has two super heavy emcees featured on it, Griffin (Tunnel Rats) and Relic [the Oddity].  Both make strong contributions; Relic specifically with a strong, soulful hook.  As usual, this one features a beat and cuts by myself.  Expect more in-tuned, insightful songs from Paradox, as the album progresses. Also, credit to Paradox for orchestrating the collaborations.

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Here Lies (feat. Relic & Griffin) by DJSeanP
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Here Lies
featuring Relic (the Oddity) & Griffin (of Tunnel Rats)
Produced and Cuts by DJ Sean P

"Writer Dye" Out Now  

Playdough's back with an amazing concept album full of brand new material featuring grimy beats by the illusive producer, For Beats Sake.

This one includes guest artist:
myself DJ Sean P

Mixed by Playdough
Mastered by DJ Sean P

Can't forget to mention the dope artwork by

Peep one of my favorite tracks on the album
 Leon Is King with Sivion

[Alternate Album Download]

Previous Post on Playdough's Writer Dye

Playdough & DJ Sean P
@ The Green Elephant  




$8 21+
$10 -21



free download  

Man I'm excited about this one. This has been in the works for a minute now.  I was hook the first time he played the roughs for me. Super fresh styles and concepts. Real grimy, fuzzy, vibes on the beats. Raps beyond my writing abilities to describe.

Each song is based off hooks from Nirvana, The White Stripes, The Doors, Violent Femmes, Pearl Jam and more.

You can see my touch on the song ViolentFeminine. And, I am currently mastering the album.

Best part - it's a free download!
November 2nd drop by his bandcamp:playdough.bandcamp.com 

All beats by For Beats Sake.
Featuring Othello, Sivion, Sev Statik, Chucky Sly, and myself.

Download out the exclusive leek below Arrowsmitherines.

Playdough - Arrowsmitherines

Playdough & DJ Sean P
Live @ Hailey's  

Saturday 10/23/10
9 PM

Playdough & DJ Sean P w/
Fab Deuce

122 W Mulberry St, Denton, TX 76201-6010(940) 323-1159 
$6 over 21$8 under 21
Guaranteed to be LIVE!

Sivion & DJ Sean P  
Strange Fruit Project  

I'll be DJing for Sivion at the Rhymefest show Saturday, October 16th at the Boiler Room in Dallas.

We will be performing I Still Love H.E.R. which is an incredible song Sivion & I collaborated on for the single of his album Spring of the Songbird.  Check it out below:

Dallas' best will be on stage
Strange Fruit Project,
Dem Southern Folkz,
DJ Sober + more...

2723 Elm Street
Dallas TX 75226

Opens at 8:30 PM 

Chucky Sly
Bodega Brovas
Playdough & DJ Sean P

I'll be at Heroes again Friday the 24th DJing with the world greatest wack emcee slayer, Playdough.

Super dope line up...just peep the flier.

Thursdays @ Heroes  

I will be joining the folks over at Heroes this Thursday for Throwback Thursdays.  Old School, 90's & Independent Hip Hop all night!  Free appetizers before 11 PM!  Great atmosphere.  Great scene.  Come out.

Playdough & DJ Sean P
Live w/ Tanya Morgan  

Friday 8/20 9 PM
5627 Dyer St
Dallas,TX 75206
18 & UP $10

I'll be DJing and playing a set with Playdough!  Bodega Brovas are in the house too.  Guaranteed live event!
Check it out on Facebook

Move Merchants Video 

I put out an album with one of the dopest emcees on the plant last year, manCHILD of Mars ILL. It was a conceptual album based on the our groups name, Move Merchants. You can peep a review on SphereofHipHop.com.  

We were really lucky to have Daniel Hidalgo from the multimedia strong arm, Spirit Juice Studios, create a video for us! He really turned it out, IMO. The CGI was done by the talented Renzo Reyes.

Thanks to Dust at Phatmass.com who made it all happen!

Something New Music  

People ask me all the time if I DJ weddings.  In the past my reply had always been a quick, "No."  I didn't even want to be perceived as, what I considered, a compromise to the art-form of DJing.  

As my friends started to get married, I often became sick of witnessing so-called DJ's standing behind CD players, train-wrecking mixes, or simply pushing "play" and walking away with thousands of dollars during wedding receptions.  So, I had a change of heart, and I decided to do something about it.

United in vision, I partnered with Paul Calvin (an exciting performer with a strong mind for business) to create Something New Music.  Something New is a standout in the industry.  And, I am reminded that our vision to bring an unforgettable party to couples most important night is more relevant than ever with every performance.

Even now, when I'm approached about DJing weddings, I don't hesitate to reply.  Except that my answer is , "Yes!" 

Combined with top tier planning, event management, customization, and exclusive services, Something New Music is the relevant answer in modern culture.

"Do It Right" Video  

The homie Griffin of Tunnel Rats and EDM crew just dropped a video for a cut off his new album Samson (out now on End of Earth Records).  "Do It Right" produced by Vintage. 

The video was shot and directed by DJ Dust (who you may know from Mars ill & Deepspace 5).  Dust has also done videos for Mars ill, Deepspace 5, Flynn Adam, other more impressive acts the allude me right now.  Check em out at DustBrandFilms.

I'm happy to have been involved with this record.  I was lucky enough to get the mastering job.  It came out nice.  Check it on iTunes.

"RikRube" Download  

JustMe hit me up recently to master a song he did with Peace586 and DJ Because.  It's a real hard joint called RikRube.  The second verse has tons of references to all of Rick Rubin's productions...some real emcee stuff goin down here. Download it free from JustMe.bandcamp.com

Playdough & DJ Sean P
"Bible Bus Mixtape"  

It's been a minute since I put out a new mixtape. I'm glad to bless you guys with this one.  Playdough wrecked over some classic joint on here.  Some of my favorites include "My Turn" ( a headbanger of a song - rapped over the sure shot Just Blaze produced track "Public Service Announcement") and "Gentle Giant" (which is on some spaced out, old testament story telling on Lootpack's classic "Answers").  It also features original production by Rob Viktum (Pick Up the Slack & 2 Tired 2 Sleep) and Playdough (Truth).  Feel free to stream it below:

Free Download at playdough.bandcamp.com

"Bible Bus Mixtape"  
Promo Video  

If you haven't had the pleasure of catching Playdough at a show in the last year or so, then you're probably not aware that he's actually been recording a lot of solo material.  Look out for the Bible Bus Mixtape (mixed by DJ Sean P) on June 29th at www.playdough.bandcamp.com.

The song featured in the video is a joint from the upcoming project called "Pick Up The Slack" produced by Rob Viktum.

"Custom Fitted"  
"Attention Emcees"  

Super dope rapper out of the left coast Ruslan (who's the lead MC of The Breax) recently released a solo EP called Right Out Loud.  It's a fresh record.  Check it out on iTunes.  I'm lucky to have a beat and cuts featured on it.  Peep it - the song's called Custom Fitted

I recently worked with another incredible emcee, Griffin, of the legendary LA crew, Tunnel Rats.  The good homie Cas Metah (of Scribbling Idiots crew) hooked me up with this one.  I mastered his solo album, Samson.  I'm also featured on a song called Attention Emcees featuring the one and only, Sojourn (of Future Shock).  Produced by Vintage.  Peep out my scratch sentence at the end.

I've got some more exciting studio projects that I'll let you guys in on soon.  I'm stayin' busy in and out of the studio so far this summer.  School's getting out and kids are graduating, so you I'm catching a tan playing some great parties and banquets.

This weekend I'm headed out on the road to DJ for the Phatmass homies in Corpus Christi.  We're gonna hit the beach.  Go buy some sunglasses and catch the UV rays.

Metropark  Goat  

Thanks to everyone who came out to Space Camp. Rob and I have a great time!

I'm playing at Metropark in Southlake several times this month. Check the dates:

Sunday 5/2 2-6pm
Friday 5/7 5-9pm
Saturdays 5/8 5/15 5/29 3-7pm

Overall, this is turning out to be a great start to the summer...lots of birthdays and parties.  I'm also DJing a couple private events this month.  I'm making the best of it, and I hope you do as well!

Lastly, I did a dope remix for my man Goat on his Mileage: Retuned album. He'll be on tour this summer. Check him out on bandcamp.

Space Camp @  
Fallout Lounge  

Come check out the party!  Rob Viktum and I will be on the 1s and 2s.
Fallout Lounge is a dope spot. 835 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226-1743

@ Absinthe Lounge  
Metropark | Sterling's  

In the afternoon, catch me at Metropark in Southlake Town Square...it's always a good time. The people at the store are dope, and they have a nice selection of exclusive clothing.

Saturday night I'll be playing with Playdough at the Absinthe Lounge (SouthSide on Lamar, Dallas) again. Last time was crazy dope, and this will be the same. Fab Deuce and Vortexas will be there so of-course it'll be a party.

::Monday 4/26::

I'll be holding it down with Playdough at Sterling's in North Dallas. Come out Monday night for some fresh, live Hip-Hop!

@ Andy's Bar  
with Fab Deuce  

Saturday April 10th I will be playing at Andy's Bar in Denton with Feb Deuce. Come check us out.

Guaranteed crowd and a good time. Andy's is a super fresh place...3 levels...dope sound...and it's in Denton so you know there's good people.

DeepEllum ArtsFestival

First, thanks to everyone who came out to Street Jam 2.o. It was a wild night of skating, painting, dancing and woop woop...police pleasing. I got down on the turntables throughout the night, and Playdough wrecked his set.

This Saturday (4/3), Playdough and I will be spitting in microphones and tearing records up at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival thanks to Art Love Magic. We'll be doing a whole new set...some real stuff. MPC pads, homemade sweatshirts, bullhorns...all that. Come see us, 9 PM on the Acoustic Stage.

I'll be DJing at Metropark in Southlake again this Saturday 3-7pm.

@ Metropark &   
Street Jam 2.0  

Catch me DJing at Metropark in Southlake for the next 3 Saturdays:

3/27 4/03 & 4/10
Afternoons 3 to 7 PM

Big 'ol show this Saturday. Lots of rappers and great DJ's. Dallas is in full effect on this one.

Playdough and I will be putting on a great set.

Make it out if you can.

Mega Royal After Party

So, the Mega Royal SXSW after party at the Lounge was fresh. I got to meet some new faces and slap hands with
heads I haven't seen in a while.

Jabee put on a great show as usual. I got to put my touches behind the wheels on Mega Royal artist and Detroit native, Chief's set. Check out his new release Broken at Mega Royal. He also has a video out for his single "Days I Remember".

Everybody turned it out. My homie Juicy really showed these Dallas heads what's up on the beat. Denton represented well.

Y'all look out for Playdough in 2010. He has 2 mixtapes waiting to drop and a full length album!

And, I can't forget to say, watch out for the new DeepSpace 5 record "The Future Ain't What It Use To Be". It will be dropping April 27th 2010 on Mega Royal. Peep the video!

Live w/ Pigeon John 
Something New Music  

So...big weekend. Something New Music is in full effect. We have a wedding reception this Saturday. It's going to be a great party.

Also, this weekend...I'm DJing for the worlds only OG dapper rapper Pigeon John. We'll be at Andy's Bar in Denton TX on Sunday night as part of the NX35 music festival.  Pigeon is known for his outrageous shows.  Don't miss out suckas!

Deepspace 5 show  
Fab Deuce | Ruffian  

I'm stayin really busy lately. Still playin' at Metropark in Southlake regularly, so come check me out and also peep some fly gear (the new spring line just came out..).

My wedding service company Something New Music is really going strong. We have several clients lined up already. Couples are looking for a real DJ for the reception and we're here to bring the party.

I also had a memorable show with the Deepspace5 crew (Playdough, Fred B, and Sivion) at the Art Love Magic show Underground. The crowd was wild...they had about 1000 people show up!

I have another show coming up with Playdough Friday, Feb. 26th at the Absinthe Lounge in Dallas. This will be a wild show with friends Fab Deuce from Denton. These guys know how to party! Also, super dope emcee, Flotation, will be on the mic.

Absinthe Lounge
1409 South Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215-6800
(214) 941-9338

I also just finished mixing and mastering a dope album from Ruffian of the Scribbling Idiots crew. The record will be droping on End of Earth records in 2010. Ruffian has a super dope, stand out solo track on the latest SI mixtape Idiomatic 2. Y'all peep it.

Takin' It Back:  
2003-2007 Mixtapes  

I'm going posting a new mixtape for you guys soon titled Finna Wreck. It will feature some new music from Playdough, funk favorites, plus some current sure shots.

While we're waiting on that I decided to post some old promo Hip-Hop mixes from the past:

HipHop Is Music is a super fresh independent label from the north-west run by Braille of Lightheaded. Braille reached out for me to do a promo mix for the label back in 2007. This mix features Lightheaded, Othello, Ohmega Watts, Surreal, Sivion and more.

Here's one from 2006. It's a promo mix for the greatest emcee in the world, Playdough, who was just dropping Don't Drink the Water. This one's super fun.

sphere support banner

OG website sphereofhiphop.com hollered at me in 2005 to do a mix to promote the vinyl section of their online store. They sent me a box of wax and this was the outcome. This one features Mars iLL, Ahmah, Ohmega Watts, LA Symphony, Pigeon John, LMNO, Surreal, Lightheaded, and many more.

Sleepless Nights Med

Taking it way back with this one. Deep in the crates. This is a bedroom mix from 2003. Some favorite underground joints on here.

Two Thousand Ten  

It's been a great holiday season! 2009 was a great year for me and it ended with a fresh party in Deep Ellum. I'm getting into new DJ ventures in 2010, which I'm very exited about. And, I'll be posting promotional mixes on this page for download. So, keep checking back.

Holler at you guys soon.