A great thing about DJing is making connections with people from all around that share a similar passion for music and the art-form.  I've become a better DJ by spending some time with DJ's I've respected.  Being able to shared new music discoveries, explore new skills, get tips, experiment, and trade stories about gigs goes along way. 

So often when I go out to perform, a small group of people will collect to figure out what I'm actually doing on the turntables.  Inevitably the question for giving lessons is brought up from those who aspire to share in the mystique, craft, and excitement of DJing.  Well...here's your invite.

Private Lessons with DJ Sean P are available in his music studio* or at your home/practice space.  Take advantage of the experience that can be shared in his tuned DJ/Recording space.  There is an open DJ desk waiting for your equipment to plug in.  Or, the lesson could be brought to you with any supported equipment need.  You can learn and practice on a traditional professional turntable setup or learn side by side with your own equipment.

-- Learn on professional, industry standard equipment and software. 
-- Learn DJ Essentials and Tips (blending, mixing, basic scratching, tempo & counting, song selection)
-- Learn Intermediate Tricks (creative transitions, EQ, loops, back spinning, cue points, scratching)
-- Learn Advanced Tricks & Recording (effects, mixtape recording, watermarks, drops, sample player)

Lessons & Pricing
In-Studio (price per lesson)
$50 ... One Time Consultation / Introduction (45 minutes)
$35 ... 30 Minute Lesson
$50 ... 45 Minute Lesson

On-Location (20 mile radius)
$80 ... One Time Consultation / Introduction (45 minutes)
$65 ... 30 Minute Lesson
$80 ... 45 Minute Lesson

Custom Pricing Available

Contact | seanp@djseanp.com | 214-223-0999 | facebook.com/deejayseanp

* Music studio located in the North Fort Worth/Keller, TX area | zip code 76244