Official "Hotdoggin" Video

Playdough "Hotdoggin" | Produced by DJ Bombay | Cuts by DJ Sean P | Video by Teddy Cool

Get this song on iTunes or Bandcamp

Playdough recently rereleased his latest album, Hotdoggin, with The Works.  Which includes a digital download of all 16 original songs from the full length album"Hotdoggin" plus 2 bonus tracks, instrumentals for each song & lyrics.  Get it exclusively on Playdough's Bandcamp for $10.

@ Trees Dallas Free Kids Workshop  

I will be participating at the ArtLoveMagic Kids Workshop this weekend in at Trees in Dallas.  I'll be there with a complete DJ/Turntable setup along side Isaac Davies for a Hip-Hop workshop.  Children attending (ages 6-16) will not only see performances throughout the day, but will all have the chance to experience what it's like to express themselves artistically through the Hip-Hop medium.  That could include: writing and performing there own rhymes, mixing and scratching records, manipulating letters and caricature in the graffiti style, and learning new styles of dance through breakdancing.

Learn More at the Facebook Event Page:  

Playdough & Heath McNease   
Wed White and Wu Free Album Download  

Do yourself a favor and download this album.  Playdough and partner in mathematics, Heath McNease, team up to drop some wu science over wu bangers for the whole wu world to succumb to.  They've enlisted some the usual upper echelon members to drop jewels with: Manchild, Sintax.the.Terrific, Bodega Brovas, Freddie Bruno, RedCloud, Propaganda, and myself.  And, then they added some surprise generals from deep within the 36th Chamber: MG! the Visionary, Goldin Child, Ohmega Watts, and probably most notably Guilty Simpson.  On top of which, the gods blessed them with art work by the elder, Samax Amen. No more needs to be said [period]

Peep the scratch hook I hammered out on "The Ego Has Landed" also featuring Propaganda:

@ Mohawk Austin w/ Astronautalis & Playdough  

This Thursday Oct. 20th, I'll be performing with Playdough at Mohawk in grand ol Austin, TX. It's always fun rocking with Astronautalis - we've played together several times before - he's got a great show. And you know I'ma be at Franklin's with a 3 meat plate!

$8 Advance ($12 Day of Show) Doors @ 7pm. Show @ 8pm

More info:

The Bodega Brovas   
"Fancy Anthrax" Available Now   

Bodega Brovas just dropped this new album, Fancy Anthrax "Pre-Loaded Guns & Alcohol," in preparation for upcoming full length, Loaded Guns & Alcohol, which is set to drop in 6 weeks on HiPNOTT Records.  It's crazy to think that this is just a prelude cause it's filled with bangers!  You may recognize some tracks from some of their previously well received promos, but there's a grip of new joints and remixes too.  I was lucky enough to get some cuts on 4 of these gems: Now or Never, Get Some, The 4080 Rule Part 2 (feat. Von Pea), & Path Less Traveled.  And, it features a dope lineup of producers - M Slago, J. Rhodes, & The ARE - just to name a few. Peep out a couple of joints with my cuts below...

Bodega Brovas - Get Some (Cuts by DJ Sean P) by DJSeanP

Bodega Brovas - The 4080 Rule Part 2 (feat. Von Pea) [Cuts by DJ Sean P] by DJSeanP

Buy this record on iTunes!  Or, download the mixtape by the one and only infamous DJ Fishr Pryce here for free!

@ House of Blues   
w/ Black Star  

Playdough and I will be breaking in the stage at the House of Blues in Dallas on Sept. 7th.  We are on the bill with a group that made a huge impact on both of our lives as well as the entirety of Hip Hop, Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli).  Peep the facebook event and grab you tickets here.
This will be one to remember!

Summer Update   

So, it seems like an eternity since my last update.  I've definitely been puttin' in work this summer out in the Texas heat.  Let me catch you up on a few details.

If you've followed me anywhere online I would hope that you saw the Paradox & DJ Sean P record officially dropped.  Peep it on iTunes or at for a physical copy.  Along with 12 songs, the album contains 11 instrumentals all produced by yours truly.

Outside of that studio project, I'm rapping up mixing and mastering for Sean Little.  Hopefully he will be announcing this album soon.  But, I will tell you all the beats are handled by a super talented beat maker most you are hip to.  And, you know I got a scratch hook on the project so I'll be posting that song when it's time.  I'm also starting a new mixing project for my homeboy Griffin.  I'm mixing an EP he's recording with SI producer Jaq, so you know it's quality material!

What's crazy is I was asked to hooked up a couple of rap features in the last two months.  I did a feature on a Dallas posse cut for Sivion's new record.  And, I plugged in the mic for a joint with MDA.  The song's called, In the Words of The Native Tongue, which has a verse about ATCQ, De La, & Jungle Brothers.  I was lucky enought to get the Tribe verse.  I spit only using song titles from their catalog.  I look forward to letting y'all here that one.

You know I got in on some cuts too.  I sliced together two new scratch hooks for my usual suspects, Whatson and the Bodega Brovas.  These are my them!  I'll be posting these as soon as I can without being shanked by their industry goons.

Outside the studio my wax still spins straight despite the incredible temperatures.  You know I'm parting hard with fly couples thanks to my company, Something New Music.  And, I've been DJing a ton for Keystone Church.  They've been throwing block parties all throughout Keller & Fort Worth this month.  I've been DJing with them every Wednesday and Friday.  Check out their website if you want to drop in.  They also invited me to scratch with the band this past weekend.  The band has some super talented musicians and singers, and the video and lighting guys really turned it out with giant projections and falling scrims.  I had a blast.  I'll be DJing there select dates throughout the remainder of the year, so come check it out if your interested.

Lastly, I'll playing at The Bone in Deep Ellum September 9th with super emcee, Playdough.  Come check us out.

Paradox & DJ Sean P  
"Mending" Out Now!  

Check it out y'all! It's out. Twelve songs plus eleven instrumentals! It's available on iTunes. Peep the track listing:

01) Paradox X DJ Sean P
02) Here Lies (f. Relic & Griffin) [Phatmass Version]
03) Forecast (f. Wonder Brown)
04) Go Outside
05) He’ll Come Back (f. MotionPlus & Freddie Bruno)
06) Blessed Broken Shared (f. Sivion & Sintax the Terrific)
07) I Don’t Believe Them (f. IZK)
08) Last Time
09) Don’t You Know (f. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX)
10) Not Worthy (f. Gina Chavez)
11) Man VS. Self (f. Manchild)
12) Lift
13) Paradox X DJ Sean P (Instrumental)
14) Here Lies [Phatmass Version] (Instrumental)
15) Forecast (Instrumental)
16) Go Outside (Instrumental)
17) He’ll Come Back (Instrumental)
18) Blessed Broken Shared (Instrumental)
19) I Don’t Believe Them (Instrumental)
20) Don’t You Know (Instrumental)
21) Not Worthy (Instrumental)
22) Man VS. Self (Instrumental)
23) Lift (Instrumental)

Here a peek: Man VS. Self featuring manCHILD (of Mars ILL, Move Merchants & Deepspace 5)

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Man vs. Self (feat. manCHILD) by DJSeanP

Sean P  
The Good Side (2009)  

This is my unreleased, second solo album from 2009.  I don't plan on recording another rap album, so I want to share these finals songs with you guys.  I shrunk initial album down to 6 songs and added to bandcamp.  Get it for free or stream it below.  Hope you find something pleases your Hip Hop tastes.  

Move Merchants  
"Live As It Gets" EP Download  

One of my most well received joints has been "Live As It Gets" from the Move Merchants record.  And, there's no mystery why.  It's got a monster line up of emcees with a hard beat and cuts.  I added it as a free download to the SoundCloud page.  So, if you don't have it, feel free to grab it below.

Move Merchants - Live As It Gets (feat. Theory Hazit & Playdough) by DJSeanP

Also, for all you DJs and remixers, here's a promo EP that we put out for the Move Merchants album in 2009.  It has the album, instrumental, and acapella version of Live As It Gets, Move Merchants, and Rain.  Peep the link for the free dl.  To get the whole album, visit

Sean P  
"Stiles for Miles"  

First thing, I wanted to hip y'all to my updated youtube page.  If you're into youtube subscriptions, I'll be posting videos of songs to keep you up to date.

I released an independent solo album in 2007 under the name Sean P (without the DJ moniker).  The album was called "Stiles for Miles" and was distributed digitally everywhere.  I made physical copies to distribute for promos, but very few physical copies were available for sale.  Needless to say it flew under the radar. hahaha  It's a cool record of filtered samples, loud drums, and organic instrumentation.  The lyrics are highly reflective on life, and were meant to inspire.  There's a lot of experimentation in the album that strays away from my hip hop norms.  Reel to reel, SM57s, tube organs...etc.  The beats were made earily in the AM with no rest and the vocals were laid down immediately.
Download 'I Spit' on Soundcloud

"Stiles for Miles" is no longer on iTunes...just available at  Check it out.  I should also have the instrumentals uploaded on bandcamp soon (for free).

Whatson "Introducing" 
feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y. &  
Cas Metah & Rasco  

The official single from Whatson - Introducing.  The full length album, The Medium, coming 2011 and features a grip of solid rappers.  Download the song below and peep the artwork for a list of names.

And, as a's a sneak peek of another joint I cut on from this album. The Medium featuring Scibbling Idiots
Whatson - The Medium (feat. Scibbling Idiots) Snippet by DJSeanP
Whatson - The Medium feat. Scribbling Idiots (Unofficial Snippet)
Produced by Whatson
Cuts by DJ Sean P

"Don't You Know"  
featuring JustMe &  
Ruslan of theBreax  

Peep the new leak from the Paradox & DJ Sean P album.  'Don't You Know' features raps from two guys I've had the pleasure to work with in the past, and who are no strangers to this blog.  First is veteran mic controller, JustMe (of the Scribbling Idiots).  This is the second showing from an SI emcee on the record.  And, when it's all said and done, it's not the last (MotionPlus blessed us with a verse last week).  If you haven't checked out JustMe's last album - you should.  Tragedy & Dope, is a powerful record produced entirely by CunninLynguists' own sound-provider, Deacon the Villain.  Ruslan of theBREAX also gifted us with bars on this one.  By the way, his crew just dropped a fresh new video...peep it on youtube.  I'm excited that we got the opportunity to share a beat with these gentleman, so without further it is.

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Don't You Know (feat. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX) by DJSeanP
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Don't You Know
featuring JustMe of Scribbling Idiots & Ruslan of theBREAX
Produced & Cuts by DJ Sean P

If you missed the other leaks:
'Here Lies' feat. Relic & Griffin
'Forecast' feat. Wonder Brown

Summer Update  

Man, there is no doubt it summer time in Texas.  Already with the 100 degree temps - got me feeling like an old man in this heat.  But, I just got back from the pool and then promptly proceeded to Lee's BBQ to down a chopped brisket sandwich.  So, we'll call it even.  And, I've been blessed to stay busy this summer.  As usual I'm steady DJing private events and parties.  Holler at me anytime - check the contact page.  Let's party.

The studio work has been relentless as well.  As you've seen before I'm working on an album with a cool guy, emcee Paradox.  My beats and his raps are all recorded at this point.  We are getting all the guest artist finished up right now.  So far we have guest appearances by: Freddie Bruno, Playdough, Sivion, Sintax (of Deepspace 5), JustMe & Wonder Brown (of SI), BrailleGriffin, Relic, IZK (of Blunt Force Crew), & Sammy Blaze.  The record should be done and available by August of this year.

I'm finishing up a mixing and mastering project for Sean Little.  I think he's still keeping that project quiet  - so I'll leave it at that.

I just finished recording scratches on a few dope songs.  The first is with, the always live, Bodega Brovas.  Man, these guys have been putting out a lot of dope music lately.  I'm really happy to do another song with them.  This one is produced by producer extraordinaire J.Rhodes.  I'll post when it drops.

The other songs are for an album by JustMe and Jaq (of Scribbling Idiots).  Again, I'm blessed to be working with these guys.  The joints have that true hip-hop essence.  Look for me to post those too.

Also, I'm about to start on a mixtape with Heath McNease called Nintendo Thumb.  He teamed up with one of gritty hip-hop's finest producers, For Beat's Sake.  Peep the leak at, which features Playdough and ManChild.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this.  Playdough's video for "Ya Heard" directed & shot by Teddy Cool (Blue Pill Entertainment).  It's been getting some great press all over the net.  Check it out at CMJ.

See how many times you can spot my bucket head in the video.  Send me an email with the count and  I'll hook up a free album. :)

Playdough 'Hotdoggin'
Release Party  

Man...we had a bomb time at the Green Elephant for Playdough's release party. Big thanks to Poor Vida, ArtLoveMagic, Just.Us.League, David Rodriquez, Joe Skills, Samax Amen, Khalid, all the visual artist that came out. Also, all the music performers represented lovely: Dustin Cavazos, Jabee & DJ Jafar, Sivion, and DJ Niro.
Peep out this video from Schimdty Says (who also posted a great write up of the event) & Brain Daniels of our performance:

The night was captured on Ustream also...just act like you were there:

If you don't have the record, you know what time is it!

ArtLoveMagic Radio  
Live Performance  

Playdough and I were invited by Michael and Deborah from ArtLoveMagic to join them on their weekly radio show at Deep Ellum On Air. We did a mix of new songs, which included Single Minded Female (Sublime Remix) and Ghetto Blaster (Edan Remix). Check the interview and performance at minute 56. Plus, Playdough kills a freestyle at 1:43.

Hip Hop Humpday @  
Pussy Cat Lounge  

Caught me Djing at the Pussy Cat Lounge on Greenville Ave in Dallas this Wednesday, April 6th.  The night begins at 10 P.M.  Get that good Hip-Hop feeling all night.  Great drinks, atmosphere, and people. Be there ready to party.   Hip Hop Humpday with DJ Sean P on Facebook

"The Medium"  

So, last year my good homie Cas Metah (Scribbling Idoits) sent me a song to do a scratch hook on called 'The Medium.'  It featured the usual SI heavy hitters - Just Me, Cas Metah, and Mouf Warren - over a heavy, well chopped, soulful horn sample.  The cuts came out real nice for the hook, and it left me wondering what would happen to this song.

Well, soon enough I got a message on Facebook from the producer of 'The Medium,' Whatson.  He asked me to do cuts on another joint.  This one was another big tune that featured Rasco and L.E.G.A.C.Y.  The song turned out the be the introduction for the album.  I hooked up a scratch sentence to kick it off.  Here's a sneak peek of what I did.

Whatson - Introducing feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Rasco (Unofficial Snippet) [Strong Language]
Produced by Whatson
Cuts by DJ Sean P

Needless to say, Whatson has heat y'all. Check out the trailer for the record above. On top of the heavy sample based beats, the album looks strong with a ton of guest emcees like: Rasco, J. Sands, Reef, Braille, Theory Hazit, SI and more.  Be sure to like Whatson on  Facebook and give him a shout.  Look for more news and official songs from the album this year.

DeepEllum ArtsFestival

This year's featured artists are great friends of mine; we go way back.  Jashua, Jerod and Issac Davies, Davies Brothers A.K.A. Three of One Arts, are all incredible artist in an impressive array of mediums.  I'm super excited that they asked me to play with them on the Featured Artist Stage (2821 Main Street, Dallas TX).

I'll be playing 11 AM - 1 PM on Saturday April 2nd.  But, you can catch amazing art all weekend starting Friday afternoon.

Playdough 'Hotdoggin' 
Release Date 4.26.11  

Finally!  Playdough is set to release an official followup to 2005's Don't Drink the Water.  A long time in the works, Hotdoggin is deep on styles and content.  I've heard the record through several different stages, and I'm really impressed with the extra effort taken in the studio to make each song unique. There's so much I could say about it, but for now...peep the promo video (by DustBrand Films).  The end of the video gives you a sneak peek of the title cut, "Hotdoggin," with cuts by yours truly and producton by DJ Bombay.  The beat throughout most of the video is from the song ".38 Special" produced by the homey DJ Stibs.

Playdough's "Hotdoggin" is set for an indie release April 26th 2011.  It will be out everywhere digitally, and CDs will be available at, select quality retailers, and live shows.

Paradox & DJ Sean P  
'Forecast' featuring  
Wonder Brown  

We're back with another sneak peek from the Paradox & DJ Sean P album.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about - then check the first joint, Here Lies, which announced that the collaboration album is in the works.  We received great feedback from that one.  Let's keep it movin'.

Like the first, this song features a guest emcee from the Scribbling Idiot crew.  This time around it's Wonder Brown.  Coming off a dope release with Sean LittleA Love Aphiliated, Wonder Brown shines on Forecast with the rhymes and the harmonies.

Forecast will be featured on an upcoming podcast from, so until then you can peep it below.  The album is on target for a summer 2011 release date.

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Forecast (feat. Wonder Brown) by DJSeanP
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Forecast 
featuring Wonder Brown (of Scribbling Idiots)
Produced & Cuts by DJ Sean P

Mellow Drum Addict   
"East Bound Train"  

Mellow Drum Addict is an emcee and singer from PA.  He released his last album, Corner Of Broadened Mind,  in 2009 with beats by accomplished Hip-Hop producer, Maker.  I had the pleasure of working with my mellow on a few songs for East Bound Train early in 2010.  MDA describes this album as:
...a tribute to the East Coast and pioneers of hip hop. The style that raised me and my effort to give back to what has given me so much.
Pick up the album on MDA's Bandcamp, and check out some of his other work too.

Check out the last song on the record Two In The Sky produced by Abstract1/Kabir Garrett and features some cuts from myself at the beginning.

MDA - Two In The Sky (feat. DJ Sean P) by DJSeanP
Mellow Drum Addict - Two In The Sky
Produced by Abstract1/Kabir Garrett
Cuts by DJ Sean P

Live on KNON 89.3 FM 

This Saturday, the 5th, I'll be DJing live on the air at KNON 89.3 FM for Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught from 5 PM to 7 PM with the homie M Slago and the legendary EZ Eddie D.  Listen Online

Bodega Brovas   
'Now Or Never'   

Bodega Brovas is a group made up of three seasoned emcees - Headkrack, Keynote, & Travii.  You may know Headkrack and Keynote from Dallas' 97.9 The Beat.  I've known these guys for a long time through mutual friends and seeing them at shows.  It was great to make some music together.   HiP NOTT Records sent out a press release email about the new single "Now or Never" today.

Newly signed HiPNOTT Records recording artists, the Bodega Brovas, are kicking off their new bi-weekly series called 1st and 15th with a banger entitled “Now Or Never”. The track is produced by Lexzyne Productions with cuts by DJ Sean P. Look for a new track from Travii the 7thKeynote and Headkrack every 1st and 15th of each month this year, leading up to their HiPNOTT debut in the fall. Also, catch a glimpse of the guys in their American B-Boys in London Episode 1.
They initially hit me with a couple samples ("now" and "never") to cut, but in my usual style I added a scratch sentence for the intro and outro of the song.  Lexzyne Productions hit them with a soul sample and some boom bap.  And, the guys wrecked it on the raps, as usual.  It came out clean...check it out.

Bodega Brovas - Now or Never (Edited) by DJSeanP
Bodega Brovas - Now or Never (Edited)
Produced by Lexzyne Productions
Cuts by DJ Sean P

Download Single or Edited Version

Lemon Bar Benefiting  
Susan G Komen  

Come out this Thursday to party in the West Village with friends and to raise some funds for breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen organization.  I will be spinning some feel good funk, soul, hip-hop, & pop all night.  Special guest artist Isaac Davies will be creating live art paintings throughout the evening.  We will also be performing a special piece together.  It will be a great time for drinks with friends while helping women who suffer.

Lemon Bar
3699 Mckinney Ave # 106B
Dallas, TX 75204-4561
(214) 443-6043

$5 Donation or $10 Raffle Ticket

Othello & DJ Vajra  
Humble Beast  

There was a lot of music to discover in 2010.  Two albums that I had been anticipating for a while finally came out this past year. After spending [what seems like] forever on the sidelines, both records actually dropped on the same imprint, Humble Beast.  Impeccable taste guys.

I love this record.  I's one of those things that you couldn't go wrong with.  Othello (of Lightheaded) is an incredible rapper and songwriter (not to mention a phenomenal live performer) - he's really an emcee's emcee.  And, I don't mean that to say his flow's of the kind that can only be appreciated by another writer.  I mean to say, the dudes making Hip-Hoppers proud to be Hip-Hoppers. The same can be said about Vajra.  Scratch dudes know the name.  DJ Vajra's a seasoned battle DJ with wins under his belt.  More recently he has been flexing his beat making muscle in battles like the Red Bull Big Tune.  The combo's undeniable.  Like steak and eggs - both are substantial alone but together can fill the hungriest head.

On top of being really dope, it has a great sounding mix.  The sonic quality is really refreshing in our current state of loud and distorted records.  I've been spinning the single for a long while now (2009). DJ's pick up the promo single with Mayor Hawthorne (DJ Haircut is actually spittin' on this one). Also, peep out the incredible remix by Terry Cole.

Pick up the album on iTunes or Bandcamp.

PND - Poems and Dust Dirty Words

In the same way Othello & DJ Vajra come together to make a dynamic Hip-Hop duo, so do PND.  Poems (aka Sareem Poems - fka Sharlok Poems from the legendary L.A. Symphony) teams up with what some would think is an odd accomplice, DJ Dust of Mars ill & DS5.  But, as inside sources tell me, this was just a matter of time, as they have been mutual admirers of each other's work.  Both artist lean toward the abstract and soulful. Dust's signature dirty samples and drum breaks lead us to imagine his crates like a gumbo of southern goodness - Rock, Gospel & Soul.  At times Poem's flow seems to skip along the top of Dust beats and other times the flow's like a inner tube on the Mississippi in August.   Either way is iconic and memorable.

Download Dirty Words on the Humble Beast bandcamp page.

Rampage EP 
Available 2.1.2011  

To all you 90's movie theater arcaders, no not that Rampage.  Dallas is alive with Hip Hop.  And, definitely one of my favorite producers in Texas, M Slago is not even a cousin to death.  So if you are sleeping, Rampage will stomp some Redbull down your throat.  To quote a Rob Viktum water mark, Beats Beats Beats Beats Beats.  They speak loud and clear with Slago's chopped musical samples and hard edged drums.

Don't think I'm neglecting the rhymes.  Remember when emcees had razorblades in their mouths.  Well they still do here. The Rapture, Dow Jonez, Word Life, and frequent guest Money Stax are all superb compliments to Slago's cinematic textures.  Each emcee delivers raw energy with an urgent delivery without neglecting interesting rhyme patterns.

Again, I'm happy to be apart of a dope project.  Slago hollered at me for some cuts on the intro track.  He hit me with something undeniable.  Check out the outcome:

Rampage Intro (cuts by DJ Sean P) Strong Language
Rampage Intro (cuts by DJ Sean P) by DJSeanP

Here's the official single Run For Cover (ft. Money Stax) Clean


The Rampage EP drops February 1st on all major digital outlets - iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and the like.

Mileage: Retuned  

I had the pleasure of working with Goat a few months ago on the remix of his album Mileage which he record with DJ Three6t.  The remixed album is called Mileage: Retuned and can be download on Bandcamp for free.

I worked on the song Damn Near On Empty.  The original song had a real acoustic feel to it with live drums, acoustic guitar, and Wurlitzer sounding keys.  I caught the vibe quick and knew I could rework it with a raw sample and cuts for the hook.  I chopped up a Bohannon sample with the quickness on the MPD and headed right to Serato for some cuts.  The lyrics are really the driving force of the song, so the minimalist vibe worked well in my opinion.

Unfortunately, when I bounced my parts of the remix and sent them to Goat, the automated mute on my scratches decided they wanted to be heard.  So, the final song on which is on Bandcampe has a scratch chorus with overlapping tracks...not my intention.  Learn from my mistake - double check your bounces. Hahaha

So here is my original remix of the song with the legit cuts on it.  Strong Language Warning
Goat - Damn Near on Empty (Sean P OG Remix) by DJSeanP

Thanks to Goat for asking me to be apart of this project.  He's a great song writer, and I think we really turned this one out.

Three from 2010  

I found myself backspinning these three songs from 2010.  If I'm spinning it back, you know I'm feeling it. [Air Horn Sound Here]

This is probably my favorite Hip-Hop single of the year.  Not just because Outkast is in my top 3 Hip-Hop groups of all-time list.  Scott Storch really turned this one out for 2010 (who saw that coming).

Do I even need to explain myself on this one? Waco's own Symbolic One (S1) on a monster beat! Months after the song dropped and I'm still excited for the homie. I battled S1 in a 'Beat Down' here in Dallas. I think that was late 2007. You can guess who won...but I still blame the sound guy. Hahahaha

I think I see a pattern here. Incredible beats. The first two you may have expected or seen on other 2010 list, but if you don't know please check the clock. Ski Beatz did it big. And, it's rapped together real nice with a dope hook.

- - - - - - -

Peace. I leaving the house with an incredibly hot redhead on my arm.

Two Thousand Eleven  

Happy 2011!

Twenty ten was a great year.  I mean...there were some horrible things that happened - oil spill, feuding government bureaucrats, high unemployment, etc.  My heart goes out to you if you struggled.  I like to move into the new 365 optimistically.

Music was crazy in 2010.  The amount of music out right now makes me dizzy.  The crazy thing is...there's a lot of great artist releasing music that renders the word 'genre' meaningless.  Samplers without quantizers, synthesizers with distortion petals, vocoders and handheld microphones are all floating in multiple iTunes playlists.  Female vocalists over drums that make AC/DC proud, youthful rappers inhabiting planets with Kool Keith,  and OGs letting us know what time it is.  In the last few years more and more fruit is bearing from our over indulgent pop music culture of the early millennia.  Alternative music always has its ebb and flow - in 2010 the flow was strong.

Peace to all the homies that I worked with professionally in 2010.  Playdough and I had a really busy year, but 2011 will be bigger!  Look for us on the road promoting the new Playdough record, Hotdoggin, which is dropping in 2011.  I'm working on beats for an album with Paradox for Phatmass.  We will finish in the summer - look for a release date late summer/early fall.  My big homie Cas Metah hooked me up with several mixing, mastering, and scratching projects this past year.  I did several shows with the group Fab Deuce...I love partying with Pudge and the crew.  I loved playing at Metropark in Southlake - I've made some good friends there, and it's always a good time being on the wheels Saturday afternoons.  Biggest of all, I started a new business with my friend Paul Calvin, Something New Music.  We've had a ton of growth, and I'm excited for our future.  Also, thanks to Dustin, FlipArtLoveMagic, Keystone Church, Rob Vik, & Vigilante for a great 2010.

Hope to see you guys more in 2011.  I envision updating the site more often this year.  Thing is, I don't post about the private events (corporate and personal parties) I DJ at.  That has become a big part of my professional life.  So, reach out to me if you need a DJ for a private event - we can make the party happen!