Sivion "Real Talk"  
Featuring Jurny Big, Muse One & DJ Sean P  

Sivion (of DeepSpace 5) is dropping a new album, Group Therapy, on illect Recordings on October 15th. You can preorder the record on iTunes now!  I had the opportunity to cut on a couple of songs. The second single is "Real Talk" featuring Jurny Big, Muse One, and myself on the hook.  The beat was produced by the mysterious, Harry Krum.  Peep it out and like it on Soundcloud.

As a bonus, peep out the new video from the first single, "Ladies and Gentlemen" which features the fellow Table Turner, DJ Aslan.  Look out for the cameos from Playdough, Freddie Bruno, Goat, Keynote (of Bodega Brovas), myself, and other Dallas natives.  The video was shot, edited, and directed by Change.

Playough & DJ Sean P New Video  
"Turn It Out" Directed By Teddy Cool  

Turn the party out with Playdough and DJ Sean P.  "Turn It Out" is the first single from the upcoming album, Gold Tips, which is set to drop in early 2014.   This video was shot, edited and directed by Teddy Cool (Blue Pill Entertainment).

"Turn It Out" is available as a Maxi-Single with exclusive songs and remixes via cassette and digital download on iTunes.  Purchase the "Turn It Out" package on the Man Bites Dog website.  It includes both the super exclusive GRP Fly X Gold Tips t-shirt and the cassette.

Man Bites Dog Records Announces  
Playdough & DJ Sean P Album "Gold Tips"  

Man Bites Dog Records is proud to announce the latest signees to the label, veteran MC, Playdough, producer, DJ Sean P.  Hailing from Dallas, TX, the well-respected MC and former battle rapper known for his socially conscious yet playful bars is an ideal addition to Man Bites Dog's growing roster of talented artists.

"I wanted to work with Man Bites Dog Records because they've grown to be a label on everyone's radar.  They're not a machine that spits out albums, they get behind their artists and surround each release with something unique for that project. I like that," says Playdough.

Playdough will release "Gold Tips," his fourth studio album, with frequent collaborator, friend, and DJ, DJ Sean P.  Confirmed guests on "Gold Tips" include Oh No, Koncept, Promise and Copywrite.  Fans of the veteran MC will remember the familiar playful party vibe of the project, while new audiences will be captivated by his sound - a nod to the early pioneers of hip-hop.

"The thing that sticks to my ribs about Playdough's music is the positive energy it creates.  We finally have an album that doesn't need a clean version. It adds a balance to the label and brings a new audience into the MBDR family," says Man Bites Dog's founder, R.M.L.

To announce the project Playdough & DJ Sean P drop this exclusive loosie "2Liter" produced by DJ Sean P and directed by Molekular 

08.10.13 Kixpo (Irving Convention Center)  
Playdough & DJ Sean P Perform Gold Tips  

Playdough and I will be performing at the "largest sneaker & streetwear expo in the world." 
We'll be banging out new material from our top secret project, Gold Tips.  
#BeThere  #ActLikeYouKnow

Cas Metah & Mouf Warren - Analog Amazon X Defizit  
"Mass Media" feat. DJ Sean P  

And another one with the Scribbling Idiot family.  This time with the chief hustlers, Cas Metah and Mouf Warren, dubbed "Analog Amazon."  I did cuts for this song probably 2 years ago.  It may not have been that long, but it was a long time ago.  It has been one that I'm proud of.  Peep it below, and download the album from Bandcamp courtesy of Illect Records.

Wonder Brown "Darke Bros."  
Produced by DJ Sean P  

Wonder Brown has a new album entitled "J.A.W.S." which I luckily made it onto at the last minute.  This beat contains no musical samples, so it's a rare one for me.  Cas Metah and Wonder Brown, a.k.a. "Darke Bros.", dropped some jewels on it and called it Hip-Hop.  Check out the song below and buy the album on Bandcamp.

Playdough's "No Angel" on MTV U  
Vote Now!!!  

MTV U added Playdough's "No Angel" video to their "The Freshman" line up.  Vote to get the video played on regular rotation. You can vote as many times as you want, so go wild!

Vote here:

Playdough & DJ Sean P  
"Christopher Collabo" Out Now  

So, Playdough offered me the opportunity to make a compilation of songs from deep within his annals of  collabs.  I happily accepted.  Unexpectedly I was then given a file of 45 songs and verses and was challenged to use all of them!  hahahaha  Now here it is, Christopher Collabo, a mix of Playdough's favorite and unheard verses.  Purchase at