Deepspace 5 show  
Fab Deuce | Ruffian  

I'm stayin really busy lately. Still playin' at Metropark in Southlake regularly, so come check me out and also peep some fly gear (the new spring line just came out..).

My wedding service company Something New Music is really going strong. We have several clients lined up already. Couples are looking for a real DJ for the reception and we're here to bring the party.

I also had a memorable show with the Deepspace5 crew (Playdough, Fred B, and Sivion) at the Art Love Magic show Underground. The crowd was wild...they had about 1000 people show up!

I have another show coming up with Playdough Friday, Feb. 26th at the Absinthe Lounge in Dallas. This will be a wild show with friends Fab Deuce from Denton. These guys know how to party! Also, super dope emcee, Flotation, will be on the mic.

Absinthe Lounge
1409 South Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215-6800
(214) 941-9338

I also just finished mixing and mastering a dope album from Ruffian of the Scribbling Idiots crew. The record will be droping on End of Earth records in 2010. Ruffian has a super dope, stand out solo track on the latest SI mixtape Idiomatic 2. Y'all peep it.