Something New Music  

People ask me all the time if I DJ weddings.  In the past my reply had always been a quick, "No."  I didn't even want to be perceived as, what I considered, a compromise to the art-form of DJing.  

As my friends started to get married, I often became sick of witnessing so-called DJ's standing behind CD players, train-wrecking mixes, or simply pushing "play" and walking away with thousands of dollars during wedding receptions.  So, I had a change of heart, and I decided to do something about it.

United in vision, I partnered with Paul Calvin (an exciting performer with a strong mind for business) to create Something New Music.  Something New is a standout in the industry.  And, I am reminded that our vision to bring an unforgettable party to couples most important night is more relevant than ever with every performance.

Even now, when I'm approached about DJing weddings, I don't hesitate to reply.  Except that my answer is , "Yes!" 

Combined with top tier planning, event management, customization, and exclusive services, Something New Music is the relevant answer in modern culture.

"Do It Right" Video  

The homie Griffin of Tunnel Rats and EDM crew just dropped a video for a cut off his new album Samson (out now on End of Earth Records).  "Do It Right" produced by Vintage. 

The video was shot and directed by DJ Dust (who you may know from Mars ill & Deepspace 5).  Dust has also done videos for Mars ill, Deepspace 5, Flynn Adam, other more impressive acts the allude me right now.  Check em out at DustBrandFilms.

I'm happy to have been involved with this record.  I was lucky enough to get the mastering job.  It came out nice.  Check it on iTunes.

"RikRube" Download  

JustMe hit me up recently to master a song he did with Peace586 and DJ Because.  It's a real hard joint called RikRube.  The second verse has tons of references to all of Rick Rubin's productions...some real emcee stuff goin down here. Download it free from