Something New Music  

People ask me all the time if I DJ weddings.  In the past my reply had always been a quick, "No."  I didn't even want to be perceived as, what I considered, a compromise to the art-form of DJing.  

As my friends started to get married, I often became sick of witnessing so-called DJ's standing behind CD players, train-wrecking mixes, or simply pushing "play" and walking away with thousands of dollars during wedding receptions.  So, I had a change of heart, and I decided to do something about it.

United in vision, I partnered with Paul Calvin (an exciting performer with a strong mind for business) to create Something New Music.  Something New is a standout in the industry.  And, I am reminded that our vision to bring an unforgettable party to couples most important night is more relevant than ever with every performance.

Even now, when I'm approached about DJing weddings, I don't hesitate to reply.  Except that my answer is , "Yes!" 

Combined with top tier planning, event management, customization, and exclusive services, Something New Music is the relevant answer in modern culture.