Playdough & DJ Sean P
Live w/ Tanya Morgan  

Friday 8/20 9 PM
5627 Dyer St
Dallas,TX 75206
18 & UP $10

I'll be DJing and playing a set with Playdough!  Bodega Brovas are in the house too.  Guaranteed live event!
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Move Merchants Video 

I put out an album with one of the dopest emcees on the plant last year, manCHILD of Mars ILL. It was a conceptual album based on the our groups name, Move Merchants. You can peep a review on SphereofHipHop.com.  

We were really lucky to have Daniel Hidalgo from the multimedia strong arm, Spirit Juice Studios, create a video for us! He really turned it out, IMO. The CGI was done by the talented Renzo Reyes.

Thanks to Dust at Phatmass.com who made it all happen!