"Don't You Know"  
featuring JustMe &  
Ruslan of theBreax  

Peep the new leak from the Paradox & DJ Sean P album.  'Don't You Know' features raps from two guys I've had the pleasure to work with in the past, and who are no strangers to this blog.  First is veteran mic controller, JustMe (of the Scribbling Idiots).  This is the second showing from an SI emcee on the record.  And, when it's all said and done, it's not the last (MotionPlus blessed us with a verse last week).  If you haven't checked out JustMe's last album - you should.  Tragedy & Dope, is a powerful record produced entirely by CunninLynguists' own sound-provider, Deacon the Villain.  Ruslan of theBREAX also gifted us with bars on this one.  By the way, his crew just dropped a fresh new video...peep it on youtube.  I'm excited that we got the opportunity to share a beat with these gentleman, so without further exploits...here it is.

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Don't You Know (feat. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX) by DJSeanP
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Don't You Know
featuring JustMe of Scribbling Idiots & Ruslan of theBREAX
Produced & Cuts by DJ Sean P

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