Sean P  
"Stiles for Miles"  

First thing, I wanted to hip y'all to my updated youtube page.  If you're into youtube subscriptions, I'll be posting videos of songs to keep you up to date.

I released an independent solo album in 2007 under the name Sean P (without the DJ moniker).  The album was called "Stiles for Miles" and was distributed digitally everywhere.  I made physical copies to distribute for promos, but very few physical copies were available for sale.  Needless to say it flew under the radar. hahaha  It's a cool record of filtered samples, loud drums, and organic instrumentation.  The lyrics are highly reflective on life, and were meant to inspire.  There's a lot of experimentation in the album that strays away from my hip hop norms.  Reel to reel, SM57s, tube organs...etc.  The beats were made earily in the AM with no rest and the vocals were laid down immediately.
Download 'I Spit' on Soundcloud

"Stiles for Miles" is no longer on iTunes...just available at  Check it out.  I should also have the instrumentals uploaded on bandcamp soon (for free).