Beats On SoundCloud For Sale   

I'm posting beats for sale on while it gets kinda slow on the DJ tip for November.  If you're not in the market for beats just hit up the comments with something nice and make this world a better place. #TWLVS

*Update* New Beat Posted and Sold Beats Removed

Thanks to all those who have supported me: Phatmass, Dy-Verse, Pontifex, Sean Little, manCHILD, Headkrack

Rezadent & ILL Clinton  
"Head In The Cloud" feat. DJ Sean P  

The good homie Rezadent (of Change The Tape Collective) and I have collaborated on a handful of songs in the past.  More recently he hit me with this left of center jam with ILL Clinton called Head In The Clouds. Rez picked some samples for me to cut and I went where the song took me.  Peep it...

Available on Bandcamp.  Pick your price.

Freddie Bruno "Ain't No Son" feat. DJ Sean P  
Exclusive Listen  

No explanation necessary.  Freddie Bruno on the beat and raps & DJ Sean P on the scratch hook.  I cut up some Jurny Big from "Break" released on The Battery ablum, so thanks to illect Records for hooking up #TableTurners with that digi 12 inch. exclusive! #ActLikeYouKnow #YouKnowWhatTimeIsIt

11.11.12 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase  
Playdough & DJ Sean P Performance & Nomination  

Playdough and I were nominated for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act for the Dallas Observer Music Awards 2012!  This is late but you can still vote for us here!

We will be performing at the Music Awards Showcase on Saturday, November 11th @ The Prophet Bar at 10:00 PM...right after the homie Datahowler, who is an amazing act to follow.  You can buy tickets here.  $10 bucks gets you into a ton of shows and Art Con 8!

Here's the line up for the showcases:

Reno's Inside - 210 N Crowdus Street
6:20 Ducado Vega
7:20 The Tidbits
8:20 Big Fiction
9:20 Cutter
10:20 The Atomic Tanlines
11:20 Somebody's Darling
12:20 Zhora
1:20 The Roomsounds
Club Dada Inside - 2720 Elm Street
5:40 Sarah Sellers
6:40 Clint Niosi
7:40 Home by Hovercraft
8:40 Ronnie Fauss
9:40 Mora Collective
10:40 Blackstone Rangers
11:40 Michael Donner & the Southern Renaissance
12:40 The Colurs
Trees Inside - 2709 Elm Street
5:40 Summer of Glaciers
6:40 Pinkish Black
7:40 Blixaboy
8:40 Dustin Cavazos
9:40 Telegraph Canyon Mystery Skulls
10:40 The Phuss
11:40 A.Dd+
12:40 Daniel Hart
Trees Outside - 2709 Elm Street
6:00 Yeahdef
7:00 Tape Mastah Steph
8:00 Track Meet
9:00 Wanz Dover
10:00 DJ Sober
Club Dada Outside - 2720 Elm Street
6:00 The Rich Girls
7:00 John Singer Sergeant
8:00 Brain Gang Blue
9:00 Hunter Hendrickson
10:00 The Blurries
11:00 Mariachi Quetzal
12:00 Oil Boom
1:00 Snow Tha Product
The Prophet Bar - 2548 Elm Street
6:00 Joseph SoMo
7:00 Year of the Bear
8:00 My Wooden Leg
9:00 Datahowler
10:00 Playdough
11:00 Nervous Curtains
12:00 Quaker City Night Hawks
1:00 Tum Tum
Reno's Outside - 210 N Crowdus Street
6:00 Vanessa Peters
7:00 The Gorehounds
8:00 The O's
9:00 Salim Nourallah & Treefort 5
10:00 Danny Rush & the Designated Drivers
11:00 Wild//Tribe
12:00 J. Charles and the Trainrobbers
1:00 War Party
LaGrange - 2704 Elm Street
6:20 Black Market Pharmacy
7:20 The Breakfast Machine
8:20 Jessie Frye
9:20 Bad Design
10:20 Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things
11:20 Mohicans
12:20 Diamond Age
1:20 Vulgar Fashion