Wall Street Journal Video Premier  
Playdough & DJ Sean P "You Ain't Fresh"  
Feat. Koncept of Brown Bag Allstars  

So, of all people to premier a Playdough & DJ Sean P video, the Wall Street Journal stepped up their hip-hop game and posted the "You Ain't Fresh" video on their blog.  Check out the Speakeasy article. 
Big thanks to the people riding for us who made this happen! 

"You Ain't Fresh" is a song off of Playdough's and my Turn It Out - Maxi Single (available on cassette and iTunes).  It features Brooklyn emcee, Koncept of Brown Bag Allstars.  Props to him for being down to wreck this song for us.  Also, thanks to RML at Man Bites Dog for editing the video.

Check out the video and share it!  Thanks to the Road Dogs for all the support so far! 

Insider's note: we've shot 5 more videos for the Gold Tips album so far.  Be on the lookout.

Ras Kass & Copywrite "Writers Block Tour"  

Playdough and I had a great time at the DFW stop on the "Writers Block Tour" at Lola's in Fort Worth.  We did a new set playlist this time, which included a song from the yet-to-be released "Gold Tips" ablum, "On and On."  It features the one and only, Copywrite.   Oh, yeah, we shot a video for the song on site thanks to the multi-talented Eshon Burgundy behind the lens.  Look out for the video in the coming month.