New Album Announcement  
"We Buy Gold"  

Playdough and I are stoked to announce our new album "We Buy Gold"!  It's a 10 song independent release.  But, we hooked up with a specialized hip-hop label in Texas, Forced Insomnia Records, to press up limited edition vinyl!  Available everywhere digitally October 16th.  Look out for pre-orders which we will announce soon.  We'll have vinyl, compact discs, t-shirts, stickers and even a wooden boombox for sale!  

The artwork was hand drawn by Eddy Mumbles Design Co.  Check him out!

Track Listing:

1) Stunt Double
2) King Tut
3) Humble Pie
4) Just Lose It
5) Step To The Ride
6) All The Way Up
7) Weight In Gold
8) Jon Murda
9) High Places
10) Style Boy