Two Thousand Eleven  

Happy 2011!

Twenty ten was a great year.  I mean...there were some horrible things that happened - oil spill, feuding government bureaucrats, high unemployment, etc.  My heart goes out to you if you struggled.  I like to move into the new 365 optimistically.

Music was crazy in 2010.  The amount of music out right now makes me dizzy.  The crazy thing is...there's a lot of great artist releasing music that renders the word 'genre' meaningless.  Samplers without quantizers, synthesizers with distortion petals, vocoders and handheld microphones are all floating in multiple iTunes playlists.  Female vocalists over drums that make AC/DC proud, youthful rappers inhabiting planets with Kool Keith,  and OGs letting us know what time it is.  In the last few years more and more fruit is bearing from our over indulgent pop music culture of the early millennia.  Alternative music always has its ebb and flow - in 2010 the flow was strong.

Peace to all the homies that I worked with professionally in 2010.  Playdough and I had a really busy year, but 2011 will be bigger!  Look for us on the road promoting the new Playdough record, Hotdoggin, which is dropping in 2011.  I'm working on beats for an album with Paradox for Phatmass.  We will finish in the summer - look for a release date late summer/early fall.  My big homie Cas Metah hooked me up with several mixing, mastering, and scratching projects this past year.  I did several shows with the group Fab Deuce...I love partying with Pudge and the crew.  I loved playing at Metropark in Southlake - I've made some good friends there, and it's always a good time being on the wheels Saturday afternoons.  Biggest of all, I started a new business with my friend Paul Calvin, Something New Music.  We've had a ton of growth, and I'm excited for our future.  Also, thanks to Dustin, FlipArtLoveMagic, Keystone Church, Rob Vik, & Vigilante for a great 2010.

Hope to see you guys more in 2011.  I envision updating the site more often this year.  Thing is, I don't post about the private events (corporate and personal parties) I DJ at.  That has become a big part of my professional life.  So, reach out to me if you need a DJ for a private event - we can make the party happen!