Three from 2010  

I found myself backspinning these three songs from 2010.  If I'm spinning it back, you know I'm feeling it. [Air Horn Sound Here]

This is probably my favorite Hip-Hop single of the year.  Not just because Outkast is in my top 3 Hip-Hop groups of all-time list.  Scott Storch really turned this one out for 2010 (who saw that coming).

Do I even need to explain myself on this one? Waco's own Symbolic One (S1) on a monster beat! Months after the song dropped and I'm still excited for the homie. I battled S1 in a 'Beat Down' here in Dallas. I think that was late 2007. You can guess who won...but I still blame the sound guy. Hahahaha

I think I see a pattern here. Incredible beats. The first two you may have expected or seen on other 2010 list, but if you don't know please check the clock. Ski Beatz did it big. And, it's rapped together real nice with a dope hook.

- - - - - - -

Peace. I leaving the house with an incredibly hot redhead on my arm.