Paradox & DJ Sean P  
'Forecast' featuring  
Wonder Brown  

We're back with another sneak peek from the Paradox & DJ Sean P album.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about - then check the first joint, Here Lies, which announced that the collaboration album is in the works.  We received great feedback from that one.  Let's keep it movin'.

Like the first, this song features a guest emcee from the Scribbling Idiot crew.  This time around it's Wonder Brown.  Coming off a dope release with Sean LittleA Love Aphiliated, Wonder Brown shines on Forecast with the rhymes and the harmonies.

Forecast will be featured on an upcoming podcast from, so until then you can peep it below.  The album is on target for a summer 2011 release date.

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Forecast (feat. Wonder Brown) by DJSeanP
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Forecast 
featuring Wonder Brown (of Scribbling Idiots)
Produced & Cuts by DJ Sean P