Summer Update   

So, it seems like an eternity since my last update.  I've definitely been puttin' in work this summer out in the Texas heat.  Let me catch you up on a few details.

If you've followed me anywhere online I would hope that you saw the Paradox & DJ Sean P record officially dropped.  Peep it on iTunes or at Sphereofhiphop.com for a physical copy.  Along with 12 songs, the album contains 11 instrumentals all produced by yours truly.

Outside of that studio project, I'm rapping up mixing and mastering for Sean Little.  Hopefully he will be announcing this album soon.  But, I will tell you all the beats are handled by a super talented beat maker most you are hip to.  And, you know I got a scratch hook on the project so I'll be posting that song when it's time.  I'm also starting a new mixing project for my homeboy Griffin.  I'm mixing an EP he's recording with SI producer Jaq, so you know it's quality material!

What's crazy is I was asked to hooked up a couple of rap features in the last two months.  I did a feature on a Dallas posse cut for Sivion's new record.  And, I plugged in the mic for a joint with MDA.  The song's called, In the Words of The Native Tongue, which has a verse about ATCQ, De La, & Jungle Brothers.  I was lucky enought to get the Tribe verse.  I spit only using song titles from their catalog.  I look forward to letting y'all here that one.

You know I got in on some cuts too.  I sliced together two new scratch hooks for my usual suspects, Whatson and the Bodega Brovas.  These are my people...support them!  I'll be posting these as soon as I can without being shanked by their industry goons.

Outside the studio my wax still spins straight despite the incredible temperatures.  You know I'm parting hard with fly couples thanks to my company, Something New Music.  And, I've been DJing a ton for Keystone Church.  They've been throwing block parties all throughout Keller & Fort Worth this month.  I've been DJing with them every Wednesday and Friday.  Check out their website if you want to drop in.  They also invited me to scratch with the band this past weekend.  The band has some super talented musicians and singers, and the video and lighting guys really turned it out with giant projections and falling scrims.  I had a blast.  I'll be DJing there select dates throughout the remainder of the year, so come check it out if your interested.

Lastly, I'll playing at The Bone in Deep Ellum September 9th with super emcee, Playdough.  Come check us out.