Paradox & DJ Sean P  
"Mending" Out Now!  

Check it out y'all! It's out. Twelve songs plus eleven instrumentals! It's available on iTunes. Peep the track listing:

01) Paradox X DJ Sean P
02) Here Lies (f. Relic & Griffin) [Phatmass Version]
03) Forecast (f. Wonder Brown)
04) Go Outside
05) He’ll Come Back (f. MotionPlus & Freddie Bruno)
06) Blessed Broken Shared (f. Sivion & Sintax the Terrific)
07) I Don’t Believe Them (f. IZK)
08) Last Time
09) Don’t You Know (f. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX)
10) Not Worthy (f. Gina Chavez)
11) Man VS. Self (f. Manchild)
12) Lift
13) Paradox X DJ Sean P (Instrumental)
14) Here Lies [Phatmass Version] (Instrumental)
15) Forecast (Instrumental)
16) Go Outside (Instrumental)
17) He’ll Come Back (Instrumental)
18) Blessed Broken Shared (Instrumental)
19) I Don’t Believe Them (Instrumental)
20) Don’t You Know (Instrumental)
21) Not Worthy (Instrumental)
22) Man VS. Self (Instrumental)
23) Lift (Instrumental)

Here a peek: Man VS. Self featuring manCHILD (of Mars ILL, Move Merchants & Deepspace 5)

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Man vs. Self (feat. manCHILD) by DJSeanP

Sean P  
The Good Side (2009)  

This is my unreleased, second solo album from 2009.  I don't plan on recording another rap album, so I want to share these finals songs with you guys.  I shrunk initial album down to 6 songs and added to bandcamp.  Get it for free or stream it below.  Hope you find something pleases your Hip Hop tastes.  

Move Merchants  
"Live As It Gets" EP Download  

One of my most well received joints has been "Live As It Gets" from the Move Merchants record.  And, there's no mystery why.  It's got a monster line up of emcees with a hard beat and cuts.  I added it as a free download to the SoundCloud page.  So, if you don't have it, feel free to grab it below.

Move Merchants - Live As It Gets (feat. Theory Hazit & Playdough) by DJSeanP

Also, for all you DJs and remixers, here's a promo EP that we put out for the Move Merchants album in 2009.  It has the album, instrumental, and acapella version of Live As It Gets, Move Merchants, and Rain.  Peep the link for the free dl.  To get the whole album, visit