Sean P  
"Stiles for Miles"  

First thing, I wanted to hip y'all to my updated youtube page.  If you're into youtube subscriptions, I'll be posting videos of songs to keep you up to date.

I released an independent solo album in 2007 under the name Sean P (without the DJ moniker).  The album was called "Stiles for Miles" and was distributed digitally everywhere.  I made physical copies to distribute for promos, but very few physical copies were available for sale.  Needless to say it flew under the radar. hahaha  It's a cool record of filtered samples, loud drums, and organic instrumentation.  The lyrics are highly reflective on life, and were meant to inspire.  There's a lot of experimentation in the album that strays away from my hip hop norms.  Reel to reel, SM57s, tube organs...etc.  The beats were made earily in the AM with no rest and the vocals were laid down immediately.
Download 'I Spit' on Soundcloud

"Stiles for Miles" is no longer on iTunes...just available at  Check it out.  I should also have the instrumentals uploaded on bandcamp soon (for free).

Whatson "Introducing" 
feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y. &  
Cas Metah & Rasco  

The official single from Whatson - Introducing.  The full length album, The Medium, coming 2011 and features a grip of solid rappers.  Download the song below and peep the artwork for a list of names.

And, as a's a sneak peek of another joint I cut on from this album. The Medium featuring Scibbling Idiots
Whatson - The Medium (feat. Scibbling Idiots) Snippet by DJSeanP
Whatson - The Medium feat. Scribbling Idiots (Unofficial Snippet)
Produced by Whatson
Cuts by DJ Sean P

"Don't You Know"  
featuring JustMe &  
Ruslan of theBreax  

Peep the new leak from the Paradox & DJ Sean P album.  'Don't You Know' features raps from two guys I've had the pleasure to work with in the past, and who are no strangers to this blog.  First is veteran mic controller, JustMe (of the Scribbling Idiots).  This is the second showing from an SI emcee on the record.  And, when it's all said and done, it's not the last (MotionPlus blessed us with a verse last week).  If you haven't checked out JustMe's last album - you should.  Tragedy & Dope, is a powerful record produced entirely by CunninLynguists' own sound-provider, Deacon the Villain.  Ruslan of theBREAX also gifted us with bars on this one.  By the way, his crew just dropped a fresh new video...peep it on youtube.  I'm excited that we got the opportunity to share a beat with these gentleman, so without further it is.

Paradox & DJ Sean P - Don't You Know (feat. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX) by DJSeanP
Paradox & DJ Sean P - Don't You Know
featuring JustMe of Scribbling Idiots & Ruslan of theBREAX
Produced & Cuts by DJ Sean P

If you missed the other leaks:
'Here Lies' feat. Relic & Griffin
'Forecast' feat. Wonder Brown

Summer Update  

Man, there is no doubt it summer time in Texas.  Already with the 100 degree temps - got me feeling like an old man in this heat.  But, I just got back from the pool and then promptly proceeded to Lee's BBQ to down a chopped brisket sandwich.  So, we'll call it even.  And, I've been blessed to stay busy this summer.  As usual I'm steady DJing private events and parties.  Holler at me anytime - check the contact page.  Let's party.

The studio work has been relentless as well.  As you've seen before I'm working on an album with a cool guy, emcee Paradox.  My beats and his raps are all recorded at this point.  We are getting all the guest artist finished up right now.  So far we have guest appearances by: Freddie Bruno, Playdough, Sivion, Sintax (of Deepspace 5), JustMe & Wonder Brown (of SI), BrailleGriffin, Relic, IZK (of Blunt Force Crew), & Sammy Blaze.  The record should be done and available by August of this year.

I'm finishing up a mixing and mastering project for Sean Little.  I think he's still keeping that project quiet  - so I'll leave it at that.

I just finished recording scratches on a few dope songs.  The first is with, the always live, Bodega Brovas.  Man, these guys have been putting out a lot of dope music lately.  I'm really happy to do another song with them.  This one is produced by producer extraordinaire J.Rhodes.  I'll post when it drops.

The other songs are for an album by JustMe and Jaq (of Scribbling Idiots).  Again, I'm blessed to be working with these guys.  The joints have that true hip-hop essence.  Look for me to post those too.

Also, I'm about to start on a mixtape with Heath McNease called Nintendo Thumb.  He teamed up with one of gritty hip-hop's finest producers, For Beat's Sake.  Peep the leak at, which features Playdough and ManChild.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this.  Playdough's video for "Ya Heard" directed & shot by Teddy Cool (Blue Pill Entertainment).  It's been getting some great press all over the net.  Check it out at CMJ.

See how many times you can spot my bucket head in the video.  Send me an email with the count and  I'll hook up a free album. :)