Lemon Bar Benefiting  
Susan G Komen  

Come out this Thursday to party in the West Village with friends and to raise some funds for breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen organization.  I will be spinning some feel good funk, soul, hip-hop, & pop all night.  Special guest artist Isaac Davies will be creating live art paintings throughout the evening.  We will also be performing a special piece together.  It will be a great time for drinks with friends while helping women who suffer.

Lemon Bar
3699 Mckinney Ave # 106B
Dallas, TX 75204-4561
(214) 443-6043

$5 Donation or $10 Raffle Ticket

Othello & DJ Vajra  
Humble Beast  

There was a lot of music to discover in 2010.  Two albums that I had been anticipating for a while finally came out this past year. After spending [what seems like] forever on the sidelines, both records actually dropped on the same imprint, Humble Beast.  Impeccable taste guys.

I love this record.  I mean...it's one of those things that you couldn't go wrong with.  Othello (of Lightheaded) is an incredible rapper and songwriter (not to mention a phenomenal live performer) - he's really an emcee's emcee.  And, I don't mean that to say his flow's of the kind that can only be appreciated by another writer.  I mean to say, the dudes making Hip-Hoppers proud to be Hip-Hoppers. The same can be said about Vajra.  Scratch dudes know the name.  DJ Vajra's a seasoned battle DJ with wins under his belt.  More recently he has been flexing his beat making muscle in battles like the Red Bull Big Tune.  The combo's undeniable.  Like steak and eggs - both are substantial alone but together can fill the hungriest head.

On top of being really dope, it has a great sounding mix.  The sonic quality is really refreshing in our current state of loud and distorted records.  I've been spinning the single for a long while now (2009). DJ's pick up the promo single with Mayor Hawthorne (DJ Haircut is actually spittin' on this one). Also, peep out the incredible remix by Terry Cole.

Pick up the album on iTunes or Bandcamp.

PND - Poems and Dust Dirty Words

In the same way Othello & DJ Vajra come together to make a dynamic Hip-Hop duo, so do PND.  Poems (aka Sareem Poems - fka Sharlok Poems from the legendary L.A. Symphony) teams up with what some would think is an odd accomplice, DJ Dust of Mars ill & DS5.  But, as inside sources tell me, this was just a matter of time, as they have been mutual admirers of each other's work.  Both artist lean toward the abstract and soulful. Dust's signature dirty samples and drum breaks lead us to imagine his crates like a gumbo of southern goodness - Rock, Gospel & Soul.  At times Poem's flow seems to skip along the top of Dust beats and other times the flow's like a inner tube on the Mississippi in August.   Either way is iconic and memorable.

Download Dirty Words on the Humble Beast bandcamp page.

Rampage EP 
Available 2.1.2011  

To all you 90's movie theater arcaders, no not that Rampage.  Dallas is alive with Hip Hop.  And, definitely one of my favorite producers in Texas, M Slago is not even a cousin to death.  So if you are sleeping, Rampage will stomp some Redbull down your throat.  To quote a Rob Viktum water mark, Beats Beats Beats Beats Beats.  They speak loud and clear with Slago's chopped musical samples and hard edged drums.

Don't think I'm neglecting the rhymes.  Remember when emcees had razorblades in their mouths.  Well they still do here. The Rapture, Dow Jonez, Word Life, and frequent guest Money Stax are all superb compliments to Slago's cinematic textures.  Each emcee delivers raw energy with an urgent delivery without neglecting interesting rhyme patterns.

Again, I'm happy to be apart of a dope project.  Slago hollered at me for some cuts on the intro track.  He hit me with something undeniable.  Check out the outcome:

Rampage Intro (cuts by DJ Sean P) Strong Language
Rampage Intro (cuts by DJ Sean P) by DJSeanP

Here's the official single Run For Cover (ft. Money Stax) Clean


The Rampage EP drops February 1st on all major digital outlets - iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and the like.

Mileage: Retuned  

I had the pleasure of working with Goat a few months ago on the remix of his album Mileage which he record with DJ Three6t.  The remixed album is called Mileage: Retuned and can be download on Bandcamp for free.

I worked on the song Damn Near On Empty.  The original song had a real acoustic feel to it with live drums, acoustic guitar, and Wurlitzer sounding keys.  I caught the vibe quick and knew I could rework it with a raw sample and cuts for the hook.  I chopped up a Bohannon sample with the quickness on the MPD and headed right to Serato for some cuts.  The lyrics are really the driving force of the song, so the minimalist vibe worked well in my opinion.

Unfortunately, when I bounced my parts of the remix and sent them to Goat, the automated mute on my scratches decided they wanted to be heard.  So, the final song on which is on Bandcampe has a scratch chorus with overlapping tracks...not my intention.  Learn from my mistake - double check your bounces. Hahaha

So here is my original remix of the song with the legit cuts on it.  Strong Language Warning
Goat - Damn Near on Empty (Sean P OG Remix) by DJSeanP

Thanks to Goat for asking me to be apart of this project.  He's a great song writer, and I think we really turned this one out.

Three from 2010  

I found myself backspinning these three songs from 2010.  If I'm spinning it back, you know I'm feeling it. [Air Horn Sound Here]

This is probably my favorite Hip-Hop single of the year.  Not just because Outkast is in my top 3 Hip-Hop groups of all-time list.  Scott Storch really turned this one out for 2010 (who saw that coming).

Do I even need to explain myself on this one? Waco's own Symbolic One (S1) on a monster beat! Months after the song dropped and I'm still excited for the homie. I battled S1 in a 'Beat Down' here in Dallas. I think that was late 2007. You can guess who won...but I still blame the sound guy. Hahahaha

I think I see a pattern here. Incredible beats. The first two you may have expected or seen on other 2010 list, but if you don't know please check the clock. Ski Beatz did it big. And, it's rapped together real nice with a dope hook.

- - - - - - -

Peace. I leaving the house with an incredibly hot redhead on my arm.

Two Thousand Eleven  

Happy 2011!

Twenty ten was a great year.  I mean...there were some horrible things that happened - oil spill, feuding government bureaucrats, high unemployment, etc.  My heart goes out to you if you struggled.  I like to move into the new 365 optimistically.

Music was crazy in 2010.  The amount of music out right now makes me dizzy.  The crazy thing is...there's a lot of great artist releasing music that renders the word 'genre' meaningless.  Samplers without quantizers, synthesizers with distortion petals, vocoders and handheld microphones are all floating in multiple iTunes playlists.  Female vocalists over drums that make AC/DC proud, youthful rappers inhabiting planets with Kool Keith,  and OGs letting us know what time it is.  In the last few years more and more fruit is bearing from our over indulgent pop music culture of the early millennia.  Alternative music always has its ebb and flow - in 2010 the flow was strong.

Peace to all the homies that I worked with professionally in 2010.  Playdough and I had a really busy year, but 2011 will be bigger!  Look for us on the road promoting the new Playdough record, Hotdoggin, which is dropping in 2011.  I'm working on beats for an album with Paradox for Phatmass.  We will finish in the summer - look for a release date late summer/early fall.  My big homie Cas Metah hooked me up with several mixing, mastering, and scratching projects this past year.  I did several shows with the group Fab Deuce...I love partying with Pudge and the crew.  I loved playing at Metropark in Southlake - I've made some good friends there, and it's always a good time being on the wheels Saturday afternoons.  Biggest of all, I started a new business with my friend Paul Calvin, Something New Music.  We've had a ton of growth, and I'm excited for our future.  Also, thanks to Dustin, FlipArtLoveMagic, Keystone Church, Rob Vik, & Vigilante for a great 2010.

Hope to see you guys more in 2011.  I envision updating the site more often this year.  Thing is, I don't post about the private events (corporate and personal parties) I DJ at.  That has become a big part of my professional life.  So, reach out to me if you need a DJ for a private event - we can make the party happen!